Gem-Session 3 “Inclusions”

Gemstones are beloved and costly, not only because of their colour and play of light within, but also because of their durability and rarity. Inclusions in impressive gemstones are often  seen as ‘pollution’ or as a ‘blot’, but to gemmologists inclusions may tell so much about a gemstone and even in unique situations they are the true
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“A Talk with Terhi Tolvanen”, Contemporary Art Jewellery Maker

“Nature & Culture, Rough & Elegance, Raw & Modesty” the work of Terhi Tolvanen in a nutshell.This time I had the honour to have lunch with Terhi Tolvanen from Finland, working in France and easily speaking Dutch because she lived for eighteen years in Amsterdam where she still spends a lot of her
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IJL, International Jewellery London

From 4 until  7 September INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY LONDON’ will be held.Meet the Gem-A team at this year’s IJL at stand J50 for a free gem-seminar, Click here to register online for a meeting. Doug Garrod has become a highly anticipated ‘show regular’ in the programme of excellent seminars held each
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“Galerie Louise Smit at Collect 2011”, 5-9 May 2011, Saatchi Gallery London

Tomorrow “Collect 2011” will start at Saatchi Gallery London until 9th May 2011. Enjoy on-line already the highlights of the collection of Galerie Louise Smit presenting at Collect 2011, stand 1.08 2nd floor, Saatchi Gallery London. Tickets for this event are online available. Louise Smit will presenting Iris
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Rome:”Castellani Collection” at Villa Giulia, London: Work of Giuliano at “The Cult of Beauty” exhibition V&A

The permanent Castellani collection, Italian  19th century archaeologically inspired jewellery, at “Villa Giulia” is an absolute beauty! Lately I enjoyed the famous Castellani jewellery collection at “Villa Giulia”, in Park Borghese (Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9), in Rome. A beautiful collection divided in different periods and showed next to the original inspiring jewellery from former times. It’s a true must
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Margriet Sopers

Margriet Sopers, FGA

Having a diploma in jewellery, FGA and a propaedeutic of the Academy of Art followed-up by interesting years as a jewellery expert at Sotheby's & Gemeentelijke Krediet Bank, as well as being a member for years of the Society of Jewellery Historians, I am glad to share with you today's world of jewellery.

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