A Talk with Ruudt Peters, about his own Jewellery School & next coming Exhibitions

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Last week I had a fascinating interview with Ruudt Peters, former Head of the Gold & Silversmithing Department of the Rietveld Academy of Art in  Amsterdam and until recently teacher at the Konstfade University College of Arts Stockholm. It truly became an interesting conversation about his jewellery, belief and the personal touch of teaching students.

Ruudt Peters

I looked forward to the interview with Ruudt Peters was because I discovered on the Internet that two former pupils at his Jewellery School, “Opere”, have such a beautiful, totally different, collection of jewellery. This school in Amsterdam exists for almost 10 years and I never heard about it! From that moment onwards I was eager to talk with Ruudt about jewellery. I was and still am…even more, convinced that his workshops must be a gripping course for students. His artistic view to jewellery was very personally explained at my question “What is beauty in jewellery for you? Answering; “Beauty comes from inside, like with people. I hope I am far more beautiful inside than what you see. Designing jewellery is much more than making nice, beautiful things. I dislike that”.

Ruudt Peters was born in 1950 Naaldwijk (The Netherlands). He is a very friendly, good-natured gentle person whose awareness to life is the basis of his school and his own designed jewels. With a youth by which the approach towards “only outer beauty” was very much underlined he developed a dislike for beauty. Meanwhile he developed -although it seems illogical – an honest interest in jewellery. The conceptual and philosophical approach towards jewellery is for me logical to understand. Nor does it surprise me that he’s sometimes in conflict with himself during the whole process of designing. If you take a good look at his objects and jewellery you will recognize all these elements.
Therefore I would like to underline that “Lingam”, one of his coming exhibitions, came about from this perspective and vision. He does not want to shock. But as he says: “I would like to highlight that in our Western society making love is often visualized in such a perverse, distasteful way. While awareness of fertilely and let go the stress is so personal and fragile in case someone would like to get pregnant. It’s so intense that it should be cherished. In contrary to what we think, we (the Western society), should learn of other cultures and religions and the other way around”.

His next coming group exhibition will be at the Museum Moderne Kunst, Arnhem (The Netherlands) Starting on 4th December 2009 until 7th March 2010. The exhibition is called “Het nieuwe versieren, Nederlandse sieraden van 1965 tot nu”, translated “Dutch jewellery from 1965 until onwards”. If you would like to know more details about this exhibition, please see www.mmkarnhem.nl.
Ruudt Peters is also guest-curator (and one of the artists), for the exhibition “Lingam: Fertilely NOW” at Religious museum The Catherijne Convent in Utrecht, starting 16 January 2010 until 26th February 2010. For this exhibition he invited more over than 120 contemporary designers and jewellery artist’s from 28 countries to design a lingam, amongst others; Gijs Bakker, Marcel Wanders and Ted Noten. Please look for more information www.catharijneconvent.nl
A solo exhibition “Anima” will be held at Gallerie Marzee, Nijmegen (The Netherlands), starting 14th February 2010. More information can be viewed at www.marzee.nl .

Ruudt Peters is a jewellery designer who works in a very conceptual way towards jewels. His intensive workshops, just ones or twice a year, exists of one week hard working from noon until dawn seven days on a row. With a selected group (12-14 international pupils) he’s going to look for more personal awareness (?). The program for 2010 will be available from January on his Internet-site. So, please see for more information and registration; www.ruudtpeters.nl

This article is placed on my weblog by the courtesy of Ruudt Peters.


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