Political correctness: Cartier provides a new gold standard

September 16, 2009 | No Comments

A highly interesting article in the Financial Times about the new vision of Cartier towards the social & ethical aspects in the gold mining industry, hoping for a new standard in the nearby future. Please read the whole article at www.ft.com

Source: www.ft.com /jewellery, September 14 2009

..The latest global jeweller to make up a public step towards socially and ethically responsible gold sourcing is Cartier.

..The Eurocantera mine provides chemical-free technology: reforestation of areas denuded of trees; a zero discharge water management system; and 100% recycling of waste materials. It also offers training and education programmes for artisan miners..it’s a small mine (less than 5% of Cartier’s total gold sourcing…

..We want to take on a leadership position; we believe that it’s a duty that comes with the prominence of our reputation”.


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