Jewel-Catch of the Season!

May 6, 2012 | No Comments

This year the spring/summer-season has several unique things to offer in ‘Jewellery-country’ & I made a refreshing collection for you! Of course I must start with London; The Diamond Jubilee exhibition ‘My Best Diamonds’at Buckingham Palace marking the Queen’s Elisabeth II 60th year as reigning monarch. As well a direct link to the beautiful Royal Collection right now & my book recommendation that everyone will like:”The Crown Jewels”, by Anna Keay (ISBN 978-0-500-2898202), which is available in hardcover and paperback (GBP 14.95). Directly followed-up by an introduction to the Olympic Games chains for this year, held in London. And someone (sorry I forgot your name) told me the Jewellery Week 2012, held in London from 11 until 17 june, is very nice to go to because of diversity. I’ve never been there, but seems great to me. Have a good time!As well as the major exhibitionRooms of Dreams: Wendy Ramshaw’, at Somerset House, until 24th June 2012. Further Ted Noten’s Summer School 2012 again! This will be held in Amsterdam. Hereby the ability to apply directly.The  Gemeente Museum,  The Hague, has on show the beautiful exhibition  ‘Gold from Java & Silver from Batavia’ it will continue until 4th of November 2012.Personally I was enormously surprised by the quality with which the jewels are manufactured, they are so tiny & so detailed! It’s more than impressive, amazingly beautiful. I found it also amazing to see (and hear) that of some pieces it is unknown how they were worn. The exhibition is accompanied by two publications: Divine Gold:Jewellery from Java, Indonesia, by Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer (ISBN 978-90-400-0360-8, Wbooks, €24.95) and ‘Silver from Batavia; religios and everyday silver objects from the time of the Dutch East India’ by Titus M. Eliëns (WBooks, €27.95)

Funny, colourful and nice made costume jewellery by Ayala Bar!

Solidaridad has started  Solidaridad’s gold campaign. The Dutch fairtrade fair is titled ‘Nederland verdient Goed Goud’, translated:’The Netherlands deserves Good Gold’. Also Zita Jansen will participate this campaign with a small collection.First Fairtrade & Fairmined gold jewellery in The Netherlands, Monday 7th May, 15.00 – 18.30  /  restaurant Stork  / Amsterdam-Nort
Last but not  least
Being on the Internet always brings me to unexpected corners of the world, and I adore that. This time somehow I ended up at ‘The Brooklyn Flea, New York. Believe or not, they do have jewellery stalls! If I were you I would visit it, I’m not in the neigbourhood. Perhaps it will be your lucky day & you will find a true treasure. If so, please show me! If not, ‘squeeze your eyes and dream on’. I wish you a wonderful sunny afternoon!
PS: My personal latest ‘trouvaille’ this morning
Wouters & Hendrix! Very subtle jewels with a sweet  fresh look. Don’t forget to look at their biography & current collection!


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