“The Walters Art Museum”, Baltimore USA

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Being on the internet for my preparings of “Gem-Session 2” I entered the web-site of The Walters Art Museum. Because there’s so much more to see than only the famous conch pearl ‘cage’ pendant, where I was looking for, I have to share this with you right away. An amazing varied and aesthetically beautiful jewellery collection!
This museum contains a collection of 28.000 objects; from the European Roman and Greek period up to Master paintings, Far Eastern ceramics and an extenxive Jewellery collection including several hundred of pieces and much more.

About the jewels:
The Walters is one of the few museums worldwide that can provide examples, both in depth and range, of stunning jewellery from 3000 B.C. through the early 20th century. Assembled primarily by one of the museum’s founders, Henry Walters, during the first three decades of the last century, this renowned collection contains superb examples of expert craftsmanship.
The jewels are installed throughout the museum, according to the culture and time period from which the piece is dating. 
A few highlights from the Walters Museum Jewelry collection can be viewed in the “Bedazzled: 5.000 Years of Jewelry collection”, next to this there’s also their impressive jewellery on-line View Gallery. General information and a brief introduction to the museum as a brief introduction to the museum and its founders, William and Henry Walters.

In November this year the “Jewelry Fair” with contemporary artisans will be held in the Walters Art Museum. I’ll keep you posted. 

The guide made by Sabine Albersmeier, former curator of the Jewelry department of Walters Art Museum, $10.My goodness what an eye-catching World-class Collection!


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