TEFAF until 27th March 2011, with my special interest for Otto Jakob & Hemmerle

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As you know in meantime I am a true fan of the TEFAF Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Each year The Fine Art Fair ‘TEFAF’  manages to gather so much beauty from all over the world of all the disciplines you can think of… it’s breath taken & dazzling! And so there are very much jewels from all centuries of the finest qualities on display at the fair. Right now I would like to highlight two totally different but both amazing modern German jewellery goldsmith’s, each having there own stand at the fair.Let’s start with Otto Jakob: My goodness what a craftmanship next to an extraordinary feeling for design matched with the use of beautiful gemstones. The amazing cuff-links pictured above were made in 2005. Several of his pieces reminds me somehow a little bit of the work of Lalique. Nevertheless he’s clearly inspired by other ideas. Within a few weeks I will write a special about him.

The other one who attracts my attention each year over and over again is Hemmerle! What a sense of beauty! Also such an impressive feeling for craftsmanship next to design and the use of beautiful gem-stones. This year he amazed me with the vegetable inspired collection called “Delicious Jewels”, which is accompanied by a jewellery cookingbook, ISBN 978-37913-5134-6, harcover €56. Also his jewels designed with the astonishing use of Conch pearls and cameos are totally awesome. I will try to fix an article about this jewellery House as well in the nearby future.

So, if you are in the neighbourhood of Maastricht my only advice is “Make a detour if necessary to catch a glimpse of the TEFAF!”


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Margriet Sopers

Margriet Sopers, FGA

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