“Splendour and Glory”, Hermitage Amsterdam

March 18, 2011 | No Comments

This beautiful exhibition “Splendour and Glory”, Art of the Russian Orthodox Church, at the Hermitage in Amsterdam will start tomorrow, 19 March, and will be on show until 16 September 2011.Perhaps you are amazed, but in this exhibition you’ll find quite some jewels. Let’s start with the 19th century Icon pictured above “Icon with our Lady of Kazan”, Moscow. What an exceptional beautiful rich icon setting, made of gold. This setting is entirely decorated with enamel and gem-set gold charms, well known Russian Eastern Eggs……made by Carl Fabergé!
The total collection of this exhibitions is so impressive and of such an unique quality. The beautiful Frescoes, Textiles and Icons (with Icon Halo’s next to it), 17th Century Wedding Crowns, Rosaries, Necklaces, Cross-pendants, Verigi (heavy chains or other metal objects which ascetics striving for extreme asceticism wore on their bodies, weighed between 3 and 7 kg), Cameo depicting the crucifixion, Medallion and Coins, Book-settings fully decorated with gem-set panels and many more applied arts that are really “true jewels” to look at. Besides this there are very interesting paintings of the Great Church of the Winter Palace depicting popes wearing beautiful textiles and necklaces. Everything showing so much devotion.

Like always, the Hermitage Amsterdam managed again to show an extraordinary collection, highlighting many facets of the Russian Orthodox Church also in an interactive way. There are many activities next to it like lectures, workshops ( 2o April only for children: painting eggs, minimum age 12 years, reservation necessary at ‘programmering@ hermitage.nl’ ) and concerts, please take a look for the programme at The Hermitage. The catalogue, also in English, is available in the museum shop.
Besides all this The Hermitage has an active programme called “Art from the Hermitage for Children” which is divided in the Hermitage School, Hermitage Atelier & Hermitage Academy for children of different ages and levels and for class visits….with an eye for the talented ones!


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