Rome:”Castellani Collection” at Villa Giulia, London: Work of Giuliano at “The Cult of Beauty” exhibition V&A

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The permanent Castellani collection, Italian  19th century archaeologically inspired jewellery, at “Villa Giulia” is an absolute beauty! Lately I enjoyed the famous Castellani jewellery collection at “Villa Giulia”, in Park Borghese (Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9), in Rome. A beautiful collection divided in different periods and showed next to the original inspiring jewellery from former times. It’s a true must for everyone who loves the impressive skills, astonishing designs, colourful micro-mosaic’s & enamellings. Besides this collection you will find throughout the museum original impressive Etruscian jewellery.
Sadly this museum doesn’t has an own web-site to link you through and other web-sites only talk about the Etruscan works of art at the museum. Nevertheless this impressive jewellery collection, donated by Alfredo Castellani, is really worth it to visit. Once seen it, you will never forget it! 

As you might know Carlo Giuliano also worked for Castellani. Some of his works will be on display at the exhibition “The Cult of Beauty; The Aesthetic Movement from 1860 – 1900”, which will be held from 2 April until 17 July 2011 at the V&A, London. An exhibition charting the development of the Aesthetic Movement in Art and design through the decades from 1860 to the 1890s.In case you will visit Rome:
Rent a bike! This beautiful city, filled with so many typically Italian narrow streets and so many lovely spots, is ideal to explore by bicycle. A kind English, Italian, Dutch and even Spanish speaking guide, who even would like to guide you by bike, will make your trip unique & efficient.  A visit by bike will give you the opportunity to search for little hide a ways and little jewellery shops while you visit the famous monuments! I found a little beauty; “Pandora Della Malva” at P.zze S. Giovanni della Malva, 3 (, which I particularly liked for their own gem-set jewellery collection made in collaboration with Beatrice Mari, furthermore the horn chains and also the glass bead jewellery collection by “Marina e Susanna Sent” and a lot more.These two photos show pieces of their “gem-set Pandora della Malva collection” and “costum jewellery” (as you can see some even partly made by former CD’s!). 

 I also found a very little funny jewellery shop called “Old & New” at “Via di Monserrato, 99” with only costum jewellery ( .

My book advice for Castellani:“Castellani and Italian Archeaological Jewelry”, by editors: Susan Weber Soros and Stephanie Walker, ISBN0-300-10461-8, only antiquarian available $500, hardcover.“Castellani and Giuliano” Revivalist Jewellers of the 19th Century, by Geoffrey C. Munn. Only antiquarian available $375, hardcover.

“La Collezione Augusto Castellani”, by Rosanna Barbiellini Amidei, Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia, ISBN 88-8265-089-8, only antiquarian available $90, paperback.

“I Castellani e l’oreficeria archeologica Italiana”, by Anna Sgubini Moretti, Francesca Boitani, ISBN 88-8265-354-4.

By this I make a direct link to Google.Books , because if you press on the thumb-nail of the book in the left corner & scroll (or add at “search in this book”, above left at their web-site, one by one, the title of the last two books I mentioned above & press on the “GO-button” followed-up by “scroll”)….you are able to view many pages of these books! You will be able to view so many of the magnifisant pieces, next to drawings and Italian written text ,which are on display at Villa Giulia and many jewels more. What a fun! Enjoy it, this is by far the best information for free I can offer to you right now..Enjoy all the beauty!

PS. In case you rent a bike, never forget to ask for a bicycle padlock…you will need it many times!…My favorite lunch tavern in Rome!


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