“The Power of Silver”, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and more ethnic jewellery exhibitions

February 7, 2011 | No Comments

Last week I enjoyed a very nice lecture “Yemeni Silver Jewellery” by Luitgard Mols. She’s the editor and one of  the authors of the book “The Power of Silver: Ethnic jewellery of the Smith-Hutschenruyter collection” which accompanies the exhibition “The Power of Silver”.
The exhibition “The Power of Silver” will show nearly fourhundred pieces of ethnic silver jewellery originating from a vaste area, from North-Africa up to China. They form a part of the private  Smith-Hutschenruyter collection, that consists of almost 600 items of silver jewellery, that have been donated to the Wereldmuseum. The items will be for the first time on display, held from 17th February until 22th May 2011 at the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
For more information (guided tours etc.),  please take a look at Wereldmuseum. The exhibition will show many divers items like necklaces, bracelets, belts, hair ornaments etc. Two hundred items of this collection are published in the hardcover book named “De Kracht van Zilver: Etnische sieraden uit de collectie Smith-Hutschenruyter”, ISBN 978-90-6153-999-5, €35.95 excl. shipping costs. Although only available in Dutch it’s still very interesting for those ones who can’t read Dutch due to the hundred illustrations.

Two other exhibitionsAt the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden – The Netherlands, the exhibition “Charming: Bedouin jewellery and veils” is on display until 13 March 2011. It’s an exhibition displaying lovely Silver jewellery and veils from Bedouin people of Western Asia and Northern Africa dating from the end of the ninetheenth to the middle of the twentieth century. For more information please click this button of Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.

Until 11 September 2011 there’s also a very interesting exhibition at The British Museum in London, called “Adornment and Identity: Silver Jewellery from Oman”. This display celebrates the recent acquisition of a collection of Omani jewellery. Mostly dating from the 1950s. It covers all types of ornament from anklets to amulets, with sections devoted to children.


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