“A Talk with Katinka Lampe”, a Dutch Painter

April 21, 2010 | No Comments

This morning I had the luck to have had an appointment with Katinka Lampe at her solo exhibition “Kate, Bob & Luca” in the “Kunsthal” , on display until 30 May 2010,Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It became a  personal guided tour!

The reason we met was because  I saw the painting pictured above on the cover of “Residence”, a Dutch interior magazine, a few weeks ago. I loved it so much! The necklaces the child  wears are somehow so daily as well as impressive in combination with the child that it got my attention right away.

I was curious about the painter, her other paintings and of-course the use of jewellery in the portraits. All the portraits are special with a unique feeling for details next to the use of flat forms who divide the painting into something unpredictable. Therefore I would like to quote Katinka; “I love to play with the images. They seem real portraits, but I changed a lot in it. I’m aware of the society we live in and I want to bring something up, without telling you how to think about it. Right now I’m in the middle of a project concerning religion.  There’s so much going on in society about religion that needs to be discussed and my tool is painting to do so”.
For this exhibition a beautiful catalogue was made “Katinka Lampe. Kate, Bob & Luca”, (also written in English) ISBN 978-9089101433 , €25. In this catalogue you will get a good impression of Katinka and her paintings.
Since her youth she knew she wanted to become a painter, but I was surprised to hear that love for portraits started by Frans Hals, the Dutch famous painter. Especially when she explained ” The way he painted eye-mist is so impressive and beautiful. That’s where my love for painting portraits really started”.
Continuing;  “About the jewellery I can be very clear, the ones on this painting I bought at the market! I just liked them, personally I never wear jewellery…I don’t know why. Nevertheless I lately bought a beautiful ring for my boyfriend, one with beautiful details. In my opinion jewellery you inherite, for example a little pearl necklace like on that portrait, has a true extra value.  
“By the way, the portait of the child with the many necklaces is one of the audiences favorites! It has been published in many magazines even in International magazines. I could have sold it many times….but there’s just one! And that one has already been sold”. If you would like to see more of her paintings, please take a look at the site of Galerie Ron Mandos or at her own Katinka Lampe site.

Her Museum recommendations:

The BonnefantenMuseum, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
The Prado Musem, Madrid, Spain.

This article is published by the courtesy of Katinka Lampe.


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