The Most desirable Necklaces World-wide of these days…The Olympic Ones!

February 18, 2010 | No Comments

What a joy for the eye! What a very well though-over idea behind it: Putting the athletes next to “e-waste” and “the beauty of the nature; the country, the orca and the raven” on the highest ranking of the Olympic Winter Games of 2010!

Let’s start by showing you this beautiful video “The making-of the Olympic Medals, Vancouver 2010”. I enjoyed it enormously and so will you!

Awesome design by Canadian artists Corinne Hunt & Omer Arbel!

The medals of the Winter Games this year are full of surprises: They are bigger than ever before, ten centimetres in diameter and six millimetres thic, weighing more than half a kilo each, for the first time they aren’t flat (but with the profile of the waves and the whales), laser etched design…and most remarkable of all: they are partly made of recycled metals! Metals gained from former computers and electronics.

The medals of the Paralympics are slightly smaller, but also so beautiful.

Due to the fact that I didn’t knew anything about the Olympic Game Medals I have no book recommendation, but instead of this a few links to Internet-site with loads of information about it.

To make the article complete off-course hereby also “The Vancouver 2010 Medals’ Table” to see how your own country and all the others are doing. -Although I just experienced that it disapeared from my blog while the technical information says it’s okay…So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the future-

Do you agree with me that it woul be a nice suggestion if the country that wins the most medals would put “e-waste” and “protecting its nature” on the highest ranking of its own country-agenda for the next years as well?!


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