Several, jewellery related, interesting exhibitions in London

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“Painting History: Delaroche and Lady Jane Grey”
National Gallery, Sainsbury Wing
London 24 February – 23 May 2010

Paintings with beautiful detailed jewels!
Although this exhibition is not about jewellery, it is evident that if you really want to learn about jewellery from the past you’ve got to look at historical interesting detailed paintings. This exhibition features seven major international loans of Delaroche. Please keep in mind that sometimes jewel’s depiction in a portrait painting is the only evidence of its existence. Whilst the paintings on show are not “portrait” paintings jewellery does feature heavily throughout these paintings.
Please see for more information National Gallery London

Best general jewellery book advice to every jewellery library:
“Understanding Jewellery””, by David Bennett & Daniela Mascetti,ISBN: 9781851494309, £45. This book has its main focus on European jewellery dating from the late 18th century up to 1980’s.“Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830”, by Ginny Redington, Tom Dawes,Olivia Collings. ISBN:9781851495399, £40. 

“Juwelen en Mensen” (“Jewellery and Persons”), by M.H. Gans, 1961,  ISBN: Doesn’t exist….I think this book is only second-hand available…and only in Dutch (but accompanied by many photos of “portrait” paintings and enlarged the jewellery details next to it)…To everyone who can read Dutch; It’s a true “Must” to your library! It’s a tour through portraits in Dutch painting-collections (“portrait” paintings, from the 16th century onwards up to 18th century) & archives searching to  jewellery aesthetics, social, economy, surprisingly huge emotional and at that time already political meaning of jewellery in European History.

If I once will find an English translation or variant to this book I promise I will add it to this article.

“Judaica from the Gilbert Collection”
Until 30 September 2010

This small display features ornate Jewish ritual objects from Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert collection.
Please see for more information V&A London

“Unexpected pleasures- Art and Design in contemporary jewellery”
April – September 2010
Because I couldn’t find the exact information about the exhibition at their Internet-website I contacted The Design Museum. Hereby their answer; “Due to time scale this jewellery exhibition has been postponed for a later date. We are hoping to have it on show sometime 2012.”
Please see for more updated information Design Museum London.

“Love, Magic and Power”, 2013
At the Internet web-site of the V&A, London, I saw the announcement of this 2013 scheduled exhibition.
Quotations like: “…jewellery that is precious in a personal sense”, “the human fascination with jewellery” & “love tokens of kings and queens” make me curious to this future exhibition. So far this announcement at the V&A  Internet-website is the only information I could find about it.
As soon as I hear more about it I will let you know, but don’t be surprised if you’ve got to wait “a little while” for it.


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