A History of the World, British Museum & BBC

February 1, 2010 | No Comments

A remarkable radio programme “World history in 100 objects”, BBC radio 4 & online.

The British Museum and BBC are presenting a new radio programme. Director Neil Mac Gregor presents since this week, using 100 objects from the museum collection, world history with a 15 minutes-talk for one item each time.

Small talks with interesting information about the object as well as information about in which museum you have to go to for viewing it. All that next to a time-table…you will make a travel through time & world history. I was astonished about the amount of jewellery and beads they selected for this programme…on the other hand we all know jewellery has already been worn by the Neanderthal! (50.000 years ago) Jewellery is often worn to impress, for functional perpose: seal important documents, as a talisman or simply as an “beautiful mobile investment” easy to use as pledge or exchange worldwide through all centuries!

I invite you to go to this BBC “History of the World” Internet-website immediately, because it’s so interesting and done in such a great way! Very easy in use and so many jewels and beads! You will enjoy it, no doubt about it!

By this I have to  highlight this example of “Venetian Trade Beads” (similar beads were also traded in Africa), because I would like to quote Mister Mac Gregor “For me, they are a tangible link with many cultures across thousands of miles and hundreds of years…..It is fascinating to wonder who wore them and for what occasions or ceremonies”.


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