Brooches of Madeleine Albright in Museum of Arts & Design, N-Y

September 30, 2009 | No Comments

 Brooch by Gijs Bakker






Brooche by, Dutch designer, Gijs Bakker

 Many of the brooches owned byMadeleine Albright, first female of Secretary of State of the USA, are temporarily on display at the Museum of Arts & Design in New-York, from September, 30 2009 until January, 31 2010. In her new book “Read my pins; Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box” she describes how she used her jewellery as “diplomatic weapon”. Secretary Albright wore the brooches to communicate a message. The collection features more than 200 pins. Some are Antiques, some of modern design and many are costume jewellery. They have all chosen for their symbolic value.

Afterwards this exhibition will travel to Arkansas, to the W.J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. In the summer of 2010 it will be seen in Washington DC and in the fall of 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Besides this temporary exhibition, which seems very interesting to me, this museum has a quite small jewellery collection from which most of the objects can be seen laying in chest of drawers..not ideal, with poor lighting.. Nevertheless I have seen their one of the most impressive objects of contemporary art. There’s also a book written about the jewellery in the permanent collection of the museum “Inspired Jewellery: From the Museum of Arts and Design”, by Ursula Ilse-Neuman. ISBN 9781851495788, $ 35.-

For more information see I also found this information at Reuters (read article) .


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