Exhibition “Or des Amériques” & Lecture of the New Jewellery Acquisitions Museum of The Middle Ages, Paris

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A visit to Paris always leads to nice exhibitions full of surprises!

affiche Or des Amériques

First I would like to draw your attention to the exhibition “Or des Amériques”, although I am almost too late… it’s ending the 11th January 2010 already.
On display you will see beautiful pieces of gold jewellery from many museums world-wide (Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal, Museo del Oro Bogotá, Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera Peru) dating from 700 BC up to 1600 AD. Next to this there are several unique pieces of natural crystallized gold from private collections. The text next to the objects is also in English, unfortunately the Internet web-site not.
This exhibitions is also for children very educative, besides the objects and photos belonging to the life of the gold diggers they also learn to watch through a microscope, a film of mining and seeing the difference in 1 kilogram of feathers and 1 kilogram of gold .

My book advice: “Gold in the Americas”, ISBN: 978-2-89448-552-1, by Musée de la civilisation Québec, €30.

Secondly I would like to inform you about the lecture “Les nouvelles acquisitions” (“The new acquisitions”) at Musée national du Moyen Âge, which I saw on the notice board at the fence of the museum. It will be held tomorrow 7th January 2010 (the same lecture will be held twice! 12:30 and 18:30) at the Musée national du Moyen Âge. Although I am convinced that it will become a very interesting one, please keep in mind that it probably will be held in French, so check it at the Internet web-site . These pieces weren’t on display so far, neither could they tell me when they will be placed in the showcases.
Besides their permanent collection of jewellery I also would like to point out that you will enjoy all the fascinating pieces of jewellery worn by the ladies pictured at all the unbelievable beautiful tapestries! You will not only be surprised what they are wearing, but also the diversity and the amount of jewellery pictured at all the tapistries.

The lady and the Unicorn Tapestry, Paris

Detail “”My only Desire” of  “The lady and the Unicorn Tapestry”.

There are only two books where I can think of right now to suggest to you, both written by Diana Scarisbrick;
1. “Historic Rings” four thousand years of craftsmanship, € 200.Historic rings, Diana Scarisbrick

2. “Rings” Jewellery of power, love and loyalty. ISBN: 978-0-500-51364- $35.Rings, Diana Scarisbrick

…and last but not least museum “Les Arts Décoratifs” next to the Louvre! At the second floor you will find “Gallerie des Bijoux”. Again a joy for the eye! A collection of jewellery dating from many periodes. Please see for more information about the museum the Internet web-site. With at the same floor the exhibition of Playmobil for the youngsters until 9 May 2010!
A trip like this definitely creates an “eye for detail” as you can see, telling me in the end what to put on my blog! So with the “help” of my little ones you hopefully will get a lot of pleasure of the cheapest pieces of jewellery -probably- who made it up to this building so far… A real “trouvaille”!

playmobil juweeltjes

P’s. In case you go to Paris; Rent a bike! As I already told in my article “About my blog; Beauty is the essence”. Especially when you are with young children.


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