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December 11, 2009 | No Comments

What a lovely sweet film! Of course it inspired me, so hereby my “Foodish Jewellery” items… “Bon appétit”
Yesterday I finally went to the film about Julie the cooking-blogger, what a delicious film! What a fun! Everyone who has seen this film will not be surprised that even before I arrived at home I had the idea of writing this article. It’s so funny to realize from now onwards there’s even a categorie “Food” on my blog.

Winners of Jell-O Mold Competition, Kandice Levero and Julia Green

To the left a photo from the Jell O Mold Competition 2009, Winners; Kandice Levero & Julia Green! (It can’t be a coincidence that also her name is Julia!) Please see for more photos of this funny competition the “eat me daily” Internet website.

Of course I have to show you another  “Pudding ring” of Cora Sheibani, which seems absolutely delicious & eatable to wear! I guess that you’ve already seen the other one of her collection at my Flickr Photostream.  I really like them, so beautifully made.  pudding_ring

And…last but not least this “Cool Jewels” ice cube tray, copyright by Fred, which I bought at the museum shop of the “V&A” in London! For a sunny afternoon cold drink! And for the creative “Cooking Princess” amongst us; I’m convinced that you can use this tray for making a Jewelled Jelly at home as well! …if you succeed in this please let me know & sent a photo of it to me, then I’ll put it on my blog!

versie Heiyu


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