Costume Jewellery, trendy again…

September 21, 2009 | No Comments

I’m surfing over the net on a daily base, looking for “Jewellery of the World of Today”. So how can I better start my weblog about jewellery in times of economic crisis then with the costume jewellery of The First Lady of the USA! Take a look at, Where you can view many photos of The First Lady of the USA  who’s often wearing costume jewellery. It’s remarkable, colourful & it’s brilliant! And she’s bringing the brooch back into focus!

And for those ones who are really interested in costume jewellery I have to recommend the book “Glanzstücke”, by Prestel-Verlag, München, and Daniel Swarovski. This book is written in an interesting way, illustrated with many beautiful costume jewellery photos and provided with many makers marks accompanied with biographies. Unfortunately the book only exists in German and Italian.

Personally I think it’s very interesting to realize there’s often doubt whether the designers of the “Haute Joallerie” have inspired the creators of costume jewellery or the other way around. And even, like the famous Parisian designer of the Art Nouveau René Lalique, did both. Although he was famous for his beautiful glass objects & jewellery pieces, of extraordinary design with enamellings and carvings of natural motifs, he also designed impressive costume jewellery of steel, aluminium and using imitation pearls in geometrical design!

There are many designers of costume jewellery that really created extraordinary beautiful goods, often even patented ones and there are still very valuable pieces within between them. And like with real jewellery the condition of the object next to the design and makers mark creates the value of it. But unlike precious metal jewellery costume jewellery often oxidizes and that’s impossible to take away. The objects are also far more sensitive to scratches and damages, so be extra careful.

Furthermore it’s good to know that especially in the USA there’s a big market for it, far more than in Europe…so do the prizes as well!  “Show off” has always been more an American thing, isn’t it?

 Enjoy the very divers costume jewellery collection at


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