Diamond light! Happy New Year!

This is where I’m looking for, starting a bright new year!

Happy New Year to all of you! And I hope to see you again at my blog in 2012.


Summer School at ATN, 3 -10 July 2011 Amsterdam

“1KG of…., the value and weight of jewellery, searching for a new context”

Are  you looking for a fresh design adventure? A one week programme with interesting lectures & experimental workshops will be organized for only 12 international participants and will be held in English, French, German, Dutch and Estonia.  Sign in at  the
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“Now Breath”, jewellery course

Theme: The workshop NOW BREATH is being held in the countryside of the southern Netherlands. NOW BREATH is a workshop where you learn to discover the freedom and air of creativity. Not all human beings are aware of the qualities of their own breath. The in and out going breath offers us a lot
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Never had a tattoo, will this be my first one..

..by Chanel! This reminds me of my book “Victorian Jewellery”. The eclectic use of classical elements in contemporary jewellery is absolute lovely! I have to look for a good opportunity… These Ephemeral Tattoos from Chanel are a true fresh add to new visions, cost $75 excl. shipping costs, which you are able to order at
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“A Talk with Gijs Bakker”, Jewellery & Product designer, The Netherlands

“Dutch Design is sober minded, harsh, lightly ironic, with a view to the world, uncomplicatedly constructed & material, opposed to luxury and therefore easily accessible to the public. My purest example of it is the Point-welded bracelet of 1966”.

I consider this article a real treat for you my faithful readers…a talk with none other than Gijs
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Margriet Sopers

Margriet Sopers, FGA

Having a diploma in jewellery, FGA and a propaedeutic of the Academy of Art followed-up by interesting years as a jewellery expert at Sotheby's & Gemeentelijke Krediet Bank, as well as being a member for years of the Society of Jewellery Historians, I am glad to share with you today's world of jewellery.

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