African Jewellery, photographed by Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder This week I was surfing on the internet and couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful pictures made by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith (African Ark, Africa Adorned), more over than thirty years ago. Photos that give an intimate look inside several African cultures and
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“Indian Jewellery”

Last week I held a lecture about “Indian Jewellery”, for the seven year old youngsters of the Nutsschool Zorgvliet because of their “World-children project week”. Today was their impressive presentation of it, together with what I call a true “catwalk”. I was amazed by everything the children remembered, the way they recalled it & the
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“The Power of Silver”, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and more ethnic jewellery exhibitions

Last week I enjoyed a very nice lecture “Yemeni Silver Jewellery” by Luitgard Mols. She’s the editor and one of  the authors of the book “The Power of Silver: Ethnic jewellery of the Smith-Hutschenruyter collection” which accompanies the exhibition “The Power of Silver”. The exhibition “The Power of Silver” will show nearly fourhundred pieces of ethnic silver jewellery originating
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Margriet Sopers

Margriet Sopers, FGA

Having a diploma in jewellery, FGA and a propaedeutic of the Academy of Art followed-up by interesting years as a jewellery expert at Sotheby's & Gemeentelijke Krediet Bank, as well as being a member for years of the Society of Jewellery Historians, I am glad to share with you today's world of jewellery.

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