Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology casts new light on ancient Iraq

“Iraq’s Ancient Past: Rediscovering Ur’s Royal Cemetry”

Opening: 25th  October 2009, In total 220 objects. The centerpiece of the show is the Queen Puabi headdress containing 4 kilograms  of gold and 3.600 beads made of carnelian and lapis lazuli. Please see for more information; . Penn Museum, Philadelphia (USA)


Glass Beads Collection, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam

Glass beads have always been attractive and so important to the Trade Routes.

I love glass beads, coming from everywhere around the world. And from ancient times on shipped to other continents because of their beauty, and off-course due to fact that they are easy to handle for trade (like gemstones & golden jewels, buckles etc.). Although right now it’s very hard to
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Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found in Staffordshire

A newly heard of Anglo Saxon gold has been officially acknowledged as treasure by the authorities of United Kingdom found in Staffordshire. The spectacular collection, UK’s largest haul, was found by Terry Herbert, using a metal detector.

The collection contains 1,345 items made of silver and gold, dated 7th century. In total 5 kg gold and 2,5 kg silver
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Margriet Sopers

Margriet Sopers, FGA

Having a diploma in jewellery, FGA and a propaedeutic of the Academy of Art followed-up by interesting years as a jewellery expert at Sotheby's & Gemeentelijke Krediet Bank, as well as being a member for years of the Society of Jewellery Historians, I am glad to share with you today's world of jewellery.

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